CLMD is committed to providing a high-quality experience through its teaching and training, and broad range of apprenticeships and professional services. We encourage an environment in which constructive complaints are valued and contribute to the positive experience of all who use its services. CLMD has established an open, fair and accessible Complaints Policy and Procedure designed to encourage prompt resolution at the earliest possible stage. It is our aim to investigate issues thoroughly as close to the initial point of contact as possible and to settle complaints promptly and courteously in the best interests of all parties, addressing areas where improvement is identified as a result of a complaint. Furthermore, CLMD undertakes to ensure that the interests and wellbeing of all associated with a complaint are properly safeguarded.


Your views help us to improve our services, so if you think we could do better, we want to hear from you. We also like to know when you think we did something well, and if anything impressed you.

How to make a comment or compliment?

If you have a comment, suggestion or compliment you can highlight this; in person via your course tutor or learning centre manager/programme manager; through completing your end of course evaluation form; or in writing/by email to CLMD (details below).

How to make a complaint – complaints procedure?

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service including your course or work placement opportunity, you can make a complaint using the complaints procedure outlined below. Comments or complaints are dealt with professionally and, where possible, are treated in confidence. However, in order to investigate complaints thoroughly, it may be necessary to share details of what you say.

Anonymous complaints and those of a confidential or sensitive nature

Confidentiality is an important factor in conducting complaints investigations. CLMD will ensure that it acts in accordance with legislative requirements; for example, data protection legislation, and with internal policies on confidentiality and the use of student data and complainant information. Complaints will be handled with an appropriate level of confidentiality and information released only to those who need it for the purposes of investigating or responding to the complaint. No third party will be told more about the investigation than is strictly necessary in order to obtain the information required from them.

The procedure makes sure we properly look into your complaint and give you a considered response.

How long will it take?

We will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days from the date of receipt and tell you how long it will take to give you a full reply. We try to respond quickly to complaints and will reply to you within 20 working days.

Sometimes, due to the complexity of your complaint we will not be able to meet this timescale. If this happens, we will write to you, and keep you fully informed of the progress being made.

Stage One

If you have a concern regarding any aspect of the service please speak to the appropriate member of staff as soon as possible, for example this could be your course tutor; internal verifier; learning & learner support adviser; or centre manager. Most concerns and complaints are quickly and successfully resolved in this way.

Stage Two

If it has not been possible to resolve your complaint at stage one, you may wish to consider progressing your complaint to the next stage. To do this you should make your complaint in writing or by telephone and asking to speak with the learning centre manager or programme manager (the manager). The manager will investigate the issues raised, try to resolve them and respond to you in writing. We aim to resolve your complaint within 5 working days and by 20 working days at the latest.

If you are unhappy with the outcome at stage two and before moving to stage three, the manager will contact you. This will help to establish if there is anything further that can be done to resolve your complaint. The manager may arrange to meet with you to discuss your complaint in person.

Stage Three

Finally, if the first two stages of the process have still not resolved your complaint, you may write to the Managing Director of CLMD Bridgette Pollard to consider your complaint. The Managing Director will investigate and will make sure that your complaint is looked at again and that you are given a written response setting out the conclusions.

The learner handbook also outlines our comments, compliments and complaints policy and includes details of how to make a complaint.

We will not investigate any issues or complaints which are subject to an awarding organisation’s appeal or review process.

Recording, Reporting, Publicising and Learning

CLMD recognises that valuable feedback can be obtained through complaints and that it is important to improve provision of services across the company where opportunities are identified. Staff must record all complaints so that the data can be used for analysis and management reporting. By recording and using complaints information in this way, the causes of complaints can be identified, addressed and, where appropriate, training opportunities can be identified, and improvements introduced.

All the above stages are documented.


This policy is updated annually.

Contact details

Contact details for all comments, compliments and complaints are:-

In writing to:


Island Business Centre

18-36 Wellington Street
Woolwich, London
SE18 6PF
Phone: 02083177380

We can also provide our publications in alternative formats, including different languages, Braille, large print and audio. For more information or advice please contact us using the details above.